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The uniqueness of Lost Ark

Why so many people love the lost ark and what makes it unique?As we know,Lost Ark was officially launched on February 11 in more than 160 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, South America, and Australia. 

The uniqueness of Lost Ark

Each profession has its own unique hometown plot mission, and after completion, it will enter the first continent to start the plot. There are many mission systems and types in "Lost Ark", and the map includes land and ocean. Players need to advance the plots of these continents one by one, and even some game functions need to complete the plot to unlock. Each continent has its own unique characteristics, such as the human land advocating civilization, the mysterious Lilliputian land (playing eggs likes the seven-star ladybug mount very much), the mechanical punk-style machine land, the metallurgically developed dwarf land, etc., There are still a lot of achievements in each continent waiting for players to explore, and you can get rich rewards for completing achievements in different stages.

The plots of each continent in "Lost Ark" also play the role of novice guidance. Players can also experience various gameplay guidance while advancing the plot, such as the collection of life skills, exploring plot copies, challenging plot bosses, and experiencing NPC friendliness. degree missions, and even sailing gameplay.

"Lost Ark" latest news:Will increase multi-gender occupations, reduce exposed female suits

Soomin Park, head of Amazon's game franchises, said that over time South Korean developer Smilegate RPG is working to introduce gender-neutral characters for various classes, while Amazon is also trying to keep pace with the Western version. It's unclear if the female version of the Berserker will be the same as the male version, or if it will be a unique class with the same name.

When it comes to armor and clothing for many of the game's female characters, Park and Smilegate want to strike a balance between hardcore fans who want the Western version to be as close as possible to the Korean version of the game, and players who may be scared off by some of the current armor and clothing options . As such, Smilegate RPG will add new, less revealing options to players, while still keeping the game's original set of clothing and armor intact and the deepin gamers are willing to spend money to buy cheap Lost Ark gold.

Senior gamers say so about it:Lost Ark is more like a traditional RPG online game, focusing on character development, while elements such as action-adventure are secondary.

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