How to get FUT 22 Coins with Safe Trade

Please note that we can only transfer the coins when you have access to the transfer market from Web App. Here are steps to get FUT 2222 Coins on coincoinspro site:

1. After you pay successfully, we will send you email notification and please go to your Order History, find your order, and click “GET COINS”;

2. Fill in your account information (includes login email, passwords, and backup codes) and click “SUBMIT”.

3. Attention during delivery :

①(IMPORTANT) Please log in WEBAPP to confirm your account info (Account, Password), and record it. Click here to WEBAPP

②(IMPORTANT)Please log out your fut on your console and webapp.

⑤Fill in the back up Code that you create in your EA account.

⑥When all information is correct. Order status will shows processing.

⑦(IMPORTANT) During Transfering,please do not login in your FUT on console or webapp.

⑧(IMPORTANT) Delivery link page can be closed. After we complete delivery,we will send you one Email and let you know.

4. When you get coins from us, please change your password ASAP.