How to receive your Lost Ark Gold after your payment?

We offer two safe and fast delivery methods: Auction House & In-Game Mail;Trade through Auction house is highly recommended. (Faster and Safer)

In-game mail: 

① Please leave your 100% correct character name when placing an order;

② and then our deliverer send your gold through in-game mail,We do not cover the 5% in-game mail fee

Auction House Trade:

① You should list an item in your Auction House with the buyout. (The Trading items Level must be 250)

② Buyout must be the amount you purchased, we do not cover the 5% trade fees (e.g. 1K gold, then buyout 1,000)

③ Please leave your 100% correct character name and Auction Items Information (Item name,starting bid,buy now price) when placing an order;

④ Our deliverer buy out your item and you receive your gold

Please stay online in-game after placing an order, then we will enter to the game and deliver you the Lost Ark Gold within 10mins. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.